What to wear to your personal or family photo shoot

Your clothes can make or break a photo shoot, they are that important! The colour, style, fit, presentation. Not to mention if you are having a group photo, your outfits need to work together. Read on for help planning what to wear to your photo shoot.

Picture the final product

Where do you want to display your images? If your final product is a framed picture in a certain room, what look would go with that area? You can wear beautiful gowns and suits, cocktail or jeans and a t-shirt. Think about the look you want. Just make sure that everyone in the image looks like they are going to the same event.

You are the subject

Steer away from logos, slogan or patterns. They can distract from the image. We want to keep the focus on you.


Colour is your next big decision. Does the colour suit you? The best way to find out is to hold the colour up against your face and look in the mirror. If it brightens up your face, it’s a go. If it makes you look sick, straight to the no pile. In a group situation, make sure all the outfits harmonise together. To help you choose a palette, head to: https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel Choose a similar colour in different tones, complementary colours or a similar hue.


Choose clothes that flatter your body shape. You should feel confident in what you are wearing.  They should fit well, be clean, pressed or steamed. Your clothes should look fresh rather than worn.

What to wear to your photoshoot


Lay your outfit/s out on a bed and see how they work together. Don’t forget shoes and accessories. Try to bring 3 outfits to the shoot to give you some options and different looks.

Pay attention to your under garments. Choose the right ones for what you are wearing. It may mean that you need to bring different options for different outfits. Take into consideration the fit if gives you and the colour.

I’ll be touching on hair and make up in future blogs, but they are also something to take into consideration.


Make yourself a tea, relax and have a look at your options. There is also the option to go shopping. I am here for you. Send through your images to me or let’s get on a Zoom call and you can walk me through your wardrobe. Take time to plan your look and you will be glad you did.