Simple steps for goal setting


‘Shoot for the moon & even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars’ (author unknown). I want to share with you these simple steps for goal setting. I have been using this method for many years and found it incredibly effective and life changing! Maximise the power of your conscious and subconscious mind.

Personal Empowerment


Hang your goals somewhere you will see it everyday. I chose the outside of my shower screen facing in. Using a picture form to define your goals will bring your subconscious and conscious into alignment. You can draw, cut from magazines or look for inspiration online.

Goal setting

Mind Vision Board

Some goals may seem incredibly big. It’s amazing to look back on them and see what you achieved. Some, you may not have achieved at the end of your time frame. That’s alright! Reevaluate, is it still your goal. Does it need to be broken down?

Dream, believe, achieve. Make your goals part of your subconscious. We use to say the sky is the limit but Elon Musk’s rocket launches to space prove that is no longer the case. Create your mind vision board!

I have mine split into 7 categories: faith, health, finance, holidays, relationships, career/business, fun.


Depending on your beliefs, select the heading that suits you. It may be ‘spiritual’ or ‘the greater good’ or ‘giving back’. For me this is about getting closer to God and giving back to the world. How do I want to make this world a better place?


This encompasses exercise, sleep, what I eat and drink. What do I need most to improve my health and what will I be motivated to do.


Anything from yearly income goal, to something special you want to save for, a new car, a deposit for a house, setting up a residual income stream.


Well we can’t be all work and no play. This is important for balance. Will this year be a big holiday, a few little get aways or a mixture of both.


It’s so easy to get too busy to really take the time for our primary relationships, or to make time to connect with friends. This is all about where you’d like to improve on any relationships in your life.


Where do you want to be in your career or business. This might be your end goal for the year, get that promotion, implement a new system in your business, marketing goals, customer service or product goals.


So when you step away from work. How would you like to spend your time. Is there a hobby you would like to take up, places you want to go, people you want to see?

Why create a Mind Vision Board?

Goals help us keep on track to live intentionally. Putting them in a visible place in picture form, gets our sub-conscious on board to make things happen.

Whether it is through photography, in my communication or through this blog, I want to empower people. Know your worth. You have something unique to offer. Remember and follow your dreams.