Posed vs Candid Photography

Posing, a word that makes some people shutter. ‘I just want candids’, I hear. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good candid as much as the next, but together, you gain the best of both worlds. I assure you, posing is your friend! What are the difference between posed vs candid Photography?

Let’s call Posing ‘Camera Aware’ and Candid ‘Camera Unaware’. When I look around the photos hanging at my house they are all camera aware. What about at your place? I have lots of candid photos in my phone which I love. They have captured a moment.


Most likely, those photos you thought are candid, were in fact, orchestrated by the photographer. I could find the perfect spot and wait hoping that someone will turn and give me the exact expression I want, but I may be waiting a while. When I am hired to capture beautiful images and moments aren’t naturally unfolding, it’s my job to prompt them along. For many people that don’t love being photographed, they may request candid but posing will be more complimentary.

At a party or when events are unfolding. Posing is best. As a photographer I will be as unobtrusive as possible whilst I capture these moments. They are the real laughter during a speech, the welcoming embrace, the enthusiasm between friends and family.

PosingPosing is a whole art in itself. When done well, it will look natural and ensure you look your best. It will give your body shape. What you see through the camera is different to what you see with the eye. Lens choice and light also play their part in giving your form shape. After all photography by definition means to paint with light. When the photographer shapes the body they are painting light where they want it.

For a slimmer waist line, put your weight on your leg furthest from the camera and bend the knee closest to the camera. To slim those arms, simply ensure they aren’t pressed up against your body. For a powerful confidence, square up to the camera with good strong posture, shot at a lower angle will enhance this effect.

So the next time you hear the word pose, don’t run away! Pull yourself tall, shoulders back and let your expression do the talking. Embrace the pose. Remember, posing is your friend!

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