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Personal Branding and Headshot Photography

Corporate photography to help you stand out from the crowd

Kick Start Marketing will help your create Personal Branding and Headshots that gets the right attention. Beautiful images are scroll stopping. The images you use to present yourself professionally instantly tell the story about who you are.

Are you a service based businesses? Florists, Interior Designers, Event Planners, Artists, Physiotherapists, Beauty, Hair and Personal Trainers? If you are the face of your business, Personal Branding is a must! Personal Branding Photography, shows the heart of your business, you! Creating imagery that is unique to you and clearly incapsulates what you’re all about. Attract your ideal client!

Kick Start Marketing Personal Branding

Personal Branding

For the entrepreneur

“Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal”. Create authentically connect with your audience through Personal Branding.

Clients want to connect with their brands and the creators behind them. That is why you need to show the essence of who you are.

Putting yourself in the picture! Build trust and credibility. Additionally, give your brand personality and vibrance. Social media engagement sky rockets when you put yourself in the picture.

Personal Branding


Career Ambitions

Profile pictures for LinkedIn, internal communications, publications, website bios, banners, business cards. In fact, any business needs.

Your picture is more powerful than words. That is why, in one glance it should state who you are.

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Introduce staff with style

Ever noticed sub-standard images of a team on a business website?
Party snaps, bad lighting, mug shot and selfies that show staff members left their homework to the last minute! Clearly companies that don’t understand their teams are their business.

Show that your staff are the cream of the crop! I’ll ensure your headshots are flattering and cohesive.

Kick Start Marketing Headshots

About Me

From 7 years old, school holidays where often spent at Mum’s office. I knew all her regular clients, along with their stories. Business was personal!

After High School, I joined the family business. Organising networking events for local home-based businesses. I was surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs growing together. Then entering the corporate world, I worked in advertising.

Advertising starts with strategy. Understanding your business, your competition and goals. I then write an ad that talks to your customer. Photography unique branding imagery for your business, upload your ad and run analytics. Testing and implementing for the best lead generation ads.

In 2014, I started my wedding photography and videography business, Encore Studio, with my husband. Business photography is the perfect way to introduce yourself online to your audience.

Regardless of whether yours is a small or large business, one truth remains – your clients want to connect with you! Strong branding is invaluable! Smart professional imagery paired with lead generation advertising.

Leisl Payton, Kick Start Marketing Photographer

Leisl Payton


Encore Videography

Videography – engages, entertains, educates

Captivating corporate video

Connect instantly with your customers. Compelling video is a power tool. Use it to introduce yourself, your team, premise, product

and service. Increase credibility with recorded testimonials.

Encore Videography

How can I help you professionally?

Let’s talk, I’ll show you how

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“Leisl captured some amazing natural and artistic shots, and she was very accomodating to my needs and the style I was seeking to achieve. A beautiful natured individual who is very passionate and skilled at what she does! I highly recommend her photography services!”

Headshot testimony

“Your professional approach to photography, including your attention to detail, responsiveness and dedication, contributed immeasurably to the effectiveness of the Marketing flyers you assisted in producing for me.”